The advantages of modular LED lighting technology are now recognized worldwide. The system developed by LI-TIAN lighting uses the basic idea of modularity. The qualities of the new module consist, above all, in an improved light output, a higher luminous efficiency and optimization of the positive ecological balance. In addition, all previous system advantages are still in place: The interface for time and cost-saving module replacement in the plug-and-play process and guaranteed availability of replacement parts for a period of 5 years.

  • Highly flexible LED lighting trunking system, connection structure available
  • At least 80% luminous flux after an average lifetime of 60,000 operating hours
  • Separate replacement of electronic drivers and LED module
  • Replacement part availability at least 5 years
  • Simple and fast tool-free installation
  • Warp-resistant aluminum rails
  • Various optional beam angle
  • Dimmable system available
  • IP 20 at any time
  • Modular design
LT-LINE-556-01-30W690mm30W100-277 VAC66390020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-LINE-556-01-52W1545mm52W100-277 VAC165675020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-LINE-556-02-60W690mm60W100-277 VAC132780020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6000k
LT-LINE-556-01-75W1545mm75W100-277 VAC165975020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-LINE-556-02-104W1545mm104W100-277 VAC3301352020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-LINE-556-02-150W1545mm150W100-277 VAC3301950020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
dime30° 60° 90° Double Asymmetric 25°
  • Ceiling mounting
  • Suspension cable mounting
  • Threaded rod hangers mounting
  • Ring hangers mounting
  • Track Adapter Mounting
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IES-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-24W44 KB 三月 30, 2017
IES-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-35W45 KB 三月 30, 2017
IES-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-52W46 KB 三月 30, 2017
IES-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-75W47 KB 三月 30, 2017
Test-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-24W159 KB 三月 30, 2017
Test-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-35W106 KB 三月 30, 2017
Test-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-52W165 KB 三月 30, 2017
Test-LED Linear Light-LT-LINE-556-01-75W107 KB 三月 30, 2017