LT-T-115A series is a floodlight version with concentrating optics and U-bracket mounting. These luminaires are easy to install, mostly used in sports fields.

  • IP66, Silicon rubber sealing technology and structure of multi-angle breathing design
  • Al1060 Aluminum Material, 220W/M. K thermal coefficient, lighter in weight
  • Finish with powder painting process, stronger in corrosion resistance
  • Various optional accessories to satisfy different needs in mounting
  • Energy conservation, luminous efficiency be up to 120-130LM/W
  • Various optional beam angle (30°; 60°; 90°; 30°x70°; 60°x90°; 90°x90°)
  • 10 KV lightening protection scale
  • 20% THD, bad weather is permitted
  • Replace: HID 200W-1000W
  • 315° adjustable lamp arm
  • UL CUL DLC approved
  • Warranty: 5 years
3-D Heat Dissipation
  • Professional thermal structure
  • Cross-ventilation design
  • Improving heat dissipation performance
  • Prolonging lamp life time
Adjustable 315° Angle
  • Screw lock type of installation
  • Multiple stents of adjustment
  • 315° adjustable angle
  • Light angle be adjustable at will
Anti Typhoon 17
  • No Deformation, loosening under wind tunnel test
  • 65m/s at the highest wind speed
Efficient And Economical
  • More light, compare with the Die-cast aluminum weight reduce 2 times
  • The aluminum profile weight reduces 1.2 times, and lower the security threat
  • Manufactured with the process of pressing (stamping), the production efficiency is high
  • The heat dissipation performance of material is fine, reach 220W/M. K, which is good for lifespan
  • Die casting aluminum ADC 12 is 80 W/M. K
  • Improve the production efficiency
Corrosion Resistance
  • Powder coating – the polishing lamp body
  • Suitable for hash outdoor environments
  • Anti-fading and corrosion
LT-T-115A-100W100W100-277 VAC1121300020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k469.9x332x127.5
LT-T-115A-150W150W100-277 VAC1681950020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k469.9x332x127.5
LT-T-115A-200W200W100-277 VAC2242600020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k554x332x127.4
LT-T-115A-300W300W100-277 VAC3363900020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k596.9x620x127.4
LT-T-115A-350W350W260-480 VAC4484600020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k667×620.4×127.5
LT-T-115A-400W400W100-277 VAC4485200020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k667x620x127.5
  • Arm-mounted — Outdoor Signage
  • Canopy-mounted — Shop facade
  • Wall-mounted — Outdoor playground
  • Ceiling-mounted — Warehouse
  • Pole-mounted — Outdoor plaza; Outdoor plaza; Tunnel lighting
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