LT-GK-019 series is a floodlight version with concentrating optics and U-bracket mounting. These luminaires are easy to install, mostly used in sports fields.

Beam Angle for Round
  • Flake type high purity aluminum reflectors by anodic oxidation and polishing processing, optimize lighting performance, effectively reduce excessive light and glare, 258°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 100° are available. Square reflectors optional angel: 30° * 90°, 60° * 90°, satisfying professional light distribution, suitable in different occasions.
Incomparable Heatsink Housing
  • By riveting the heatsink to the fins, make the incomparable heatsink housing. The heat from the LEDs is transformed to the fins with massive dissipating area by the 12 * 8mm heat pipes, reducing the temperature of LEDs rapidly and extending the life span.
Professional Light Distribution
  • Professional projector lamp design concept, have 5°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 60° angles as reflective cup selection, satisfy the professional light distribution, and used in many situations. With 5° beam angle, light distance up to 500m, is a real sense of tall buildings.
LT-GK-019-100W100W100-277 VAC301050020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-GK-019-150W150W100-277 VAC301575020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-GK-019-250W250W100-277 VAC842625020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-GK-019-300W300W100-277 VAC1503150020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-GK-019-400W400W260-480 VAC2004200020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
LT-GK-019-500W500W100-277 VAC2205200020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 804000k -6000k
  • Arm-mounted — Outdoor Signage
  • Canopy-mounted — Shop facade
  • Wall-mounted — Outdoor playground
  • Ceiling-mounted — Warehouse
  • Pole-mounted — Outdoor plaza; Outdoor plaza; Tunnel lighting
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