The linear light LT-HB-1688 series has 0-10V, DALI dimming optional radar sensor light, suspending and ceiling continuous row mounting as convenient mounting installation and dismounting highly efficient Lumen output 110lm per watt. Its independent LED chips and driver ensure a high performance with safety optimization.

  • Housing:Industrial Standard PVC+PC, Inside: aluminum material of efficient heat conduction
  • 60° adjustable rotary angle with wheel gear; safe, concise and firm
  • Independent LED Chips and Driver, safe and convenient
  • IP54 Various Silicone Rubber Sealing internally installed
  • Highly efficient Lumen output: 110lm per watt
  • Convenient mounting and dismounting
  • Installation: Suspending and Ceiling
  • Optional Sensor: radar and light
  • Continuous row mounting
  • 0-10V, DALI dimming
Easy installation
  • Step 1. Move out of the lamp cover
  • Step 2. Get rid of the terminal
Lamp with rotary angle
Radar Sensor
  • Lamps turns on automatically when radar sensor feels objects moving.
LT-HB-1688-01-60W60W100-277 VAC504660020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6000k108°
LT-HB-1688-01-80W80W100-277 VAC600880020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6000k108°
  • Ceiling mounting
  • Suspension cable mounting
  • Threaded rod hangers mounting
  • Ring hangers mounting
  • Track Adapter Mounting
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