The UFO High Bay Light is used at high altitude where fluorescent lighting is insufficient (6 meters and more). This UFO High Bay Light has a special yet modern design. It has a wide aluminum plate design and openings for a quick and effective heat dissipation. It is easier to install, lasts longer and more efficient than the traditional High Bays. The UFO is IP65 waterproof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor.

  •  AL1060 Fin-styled pure aluminum heatsink adopted, lightest weight with largest heat dissipation area, effectively prolonging lamp life.
  • Optional various installations, satisfying different needs of lighting applications.
  • Anti-corrosion and rust-resistant, suitable for tough environment.
  • Finish processed by electroplating technology.
  • IP65 with Silicone rubber sealing technology.
  • Replace: HID 200W-800W.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
Gear slotting fin technology
  • Fins couple into the base of the heat sink tightly minimum the heat transfer resistance.
Housing coated by electrophoretic paint
  • Processed by electrophoretic paint, measured by 200 hours salt spray test, the entire housing is strongly corrosion-resistant.
IP65 Ingress Protection
  • IP65 with water-proof connector and silicone rubber sealing for harsh environment.
Tri-direction heat dissipation
  • Convection holes distributed on each fin, allowing airflow with parallel direction to maximum the cooling power.
LT-GK-001-100W100W100-277 VAC1961250020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6500k
LT-GK-001-150W150W100-277 VAC2381950020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6500k
LT-GK-001-200W200W100-277 VAC2382500020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6500k
LT-GK-001-240W240W100-277 VAC2382880020%-40°C – 50°C> 0.95>= 802700k -6500k
  • Adjustable Bracket
  • E40 Thread Base
  • Hook Ring
  • Tube
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IES-Led-High-Bay-Light-LT-GK-001-240W-60°52 KB 十一月 10, 2016
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